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Comment under the video "Why feminism is good for men."

The video's url:

My comment:

Feminist initiatives like #HeForShe impose on men the very gender roles feminists like you claim it tries to eliminate. It just adds one detail: Only fill those roles for the benefit of women, never because it's natural or comfortable for you. And never expect to have your masculinity considered BY women while they're busy demanding you be strong & commanding against other men on women's behalf, because your humanity is secondary to your function as a shield/beast of burden for women.

Feminist propaganda campaigns like "Don't be that guy" do the same thing - make every man, specifically BECAUSE of standards for masculinity, responsible for the safety of women who can't or won't be responsible for themselves.

Meanwhile, feminists clearly feel entitled to tell men which feelings they're allowed to express.

Feeling girly? Great! You're a feminist!

Feeling a need for human companionship? Get the heck outta here, creep!

Feeling hurt over being rejected? Now you're a misogynist!

Resent the damage done when you were circumcised? Don't expect help from feminists. They're too busy lining up to tell you that women, whose genital integrity is legally protected throughout the vast majority of the world in many nations where yours isn't & even where neonatal male genital cutting is common, have it worse. And they'll tell you that you're a misogynist if you think the more widespread cutting practice is anywhere near as bad of a problem as the comparatively rare one. 

Heart broken because your children were taken from you in a divorce? Don't look to feminists for help. They're too busy opposing equally shared parenting legislation.

Would you feel more comfortable with equal reproductive rights, such as a legal equivalent to women's "safe haven" option? Don't look to feminists for help with that, either. They're too busy demanding stricter child support enforcement against you.

Hurt or afraid because you're being abused by your wife, girlfriend or a woman in your family? Don't look to feminism for that, either. They've spent the last 40+ years telling the public that doesn't happen, and if it does, it's "preemptive self-defense" because they believe you'll inevitably hit back. 

Trauma from being assaulted or even raped by a sexually aggressive woman? Yeah, don't look to feminism for help with that either. Feminist research on sexual violence has been carefully designed to avoid evidence of experiences like yours so they can paint sexual violence as a male behavior & blame you for it. 

Has your life been wrecked by false accusations? Don't expect feminists to care how you feel about that, either. Their story on your experience varies from "it's not as bad as experiencing (whatever crime you were falsely accused of) or "It's ok to sacrifice a few innocent men to ensure we catch all men guilty of (whatever the crime) as if hurting you somehow helps real victims of that crime... to "it's no big deal, because it's rare" as if rarity makes a crime less heinous (Jeffrey Dahmer's victims' families should be glad to know that)... to "This is beneficial - the falsely accused could learn something from the experience" as if you had no sympathy for victims prior & any harm done is negated by changing that... to "Women don't lie about (the crime) so it can't be false" even if you have evidence of your innocence. 

So yeah, men... you're supposed to express your feelings, except when it's not convenient for feminists, such as when you've been raped, abused, alienated, or falsely accused BY A WOMAN... or permanently scarred in a way that they feel competes with a female victim narrative. 

What DO they want you to do? 

Take dance classes, have your ass waxed, and only ever cry when bad things happen to women, because it doesn't really matter to them when bad things happen to you. 

But feminism is totally NOT about hating men, right?

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