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Why "Breaking the Glasses?"

"Seeing through rose colored glasses" is a term often used to describe having one's perceptions of a given factor skewed toward an attitude that focuses on positive characteristics, while ignoring the negative, to the detriment of maintaining a functionally realistic outlook.

It indicates that the individual being discussed is allowing him or herself to be blinded to the true nature of a factor toward which he or she has an emotional attachment.

The metaphor uses the concept of viewing the factor through a filter of bias (rose colored glasses) which sorts out those things the individual does not want to notice, while letting through positive perceptions, in order to support the continued acceptance of the factor as having only positive characteristics.

Modern feminism is viewed by western society through such a filter, one which categorizes women as being consistently vulnerable and altruistic, historically abused and maligned, and currently energized and empowered.

This filter weeds out any notice of individual female behavior which does not fit that perception. This is facilitated by dismissing non-altruistic female behavior as a response to circumstances or conditions caused by poorly or vaguely defined or attributed detrimental factors imposed upon women by equally poorly defined or attributed antagonists.

These are designated with labels like "Patriarchy," "Male Privilege," "Phallocentric," "Objectification," and others words or phrases which can be used to sway opinion by sounding simultaneously negative and intellectually superior, but the application of which does not have to be distinctly laid out.

Rather than confront specific issues and existing factors, feminists shield themselves from accountability for their own wellbeing by placing blame for their imagined second-class status on these intangible concepts. Like deity, mythical creatures, and magic, the existence or truth of these concepts cannot be wholly proved or wholly disproved, but only measured against supporting or negating facts.

By countering fact and reason with rhetoric and catch phrases, modern feminists take discussion from the rational arena to a more emotion-based venue, playing on humanity's protective and sympathetic nature for support. Contradicting either their arguments or their style of debate is characterized as a malicious attack on the undefined but popular concept of women's rights. Because of this, society has allowed modern feminism to use these concepts to enforce an agenda-driven control over social perceptions and rules, along with legislative and legal actions, with respect to both conflict and connection between the sexes.

As a result, in cases where individual women are not the most vulnerable, are not altruistic, are not abused or maligned, or are obsessive and aggressive rather than energized and empowered, they are being permitted to disregard the humanity and trample the rights of others, with the full support of society at large. This support includes their peers, their circle of friends and family, women's organizations, the law, and the legal system.

Rather than confront individual offenses by women against individual men and children, modern society is currently geared toward shielding and protecting the overall concepts behind feminism. Any defense against a woman's malicious acts is seen as a mistreatment of her, rather than protection from her. Instead of upholding the constitutional and human rights of the victims of abusive women, modern society has been sacrificing them to maintain the unified front wrongfully viewed as being necessary to protect the intangible cause of women's rights from the equally intangible specters by which modern feminists claim to be haunted and oppressed.

In order to truly support basic and equal human rights, one must discard the rose-colored glasses through which modern feminism dictates that all female issues be viewed, and look at the real issues affecting today's male population from a perspective not limited to the social constructs which modern feminism uses to assert privilege over men.

This is the perspective from which the title of this blog, "breaking the glasses," is taken. "Breaking the Glasses" refers to the need to break down and eliminate feminism's distorting social filter in order to clearly address and assess abuse perpetrated by women in modern society.

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