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Vaccine mandate supporters: How far would you go to enforce mandatory vaccination for Covid-19?

For those who advocate a Covid vaccine mandate, how far are you willing to tolerate your government going in its enforcement actions?

What should be the goal of said actions?

1) A goal of high compliance, but not necessarily 100%, among people with no compelling objection to receiving the vaccine. (How high?)


2) A goal of 100% compliance EXCEPT in cases of legitimate objection such as health contraindications and religious objections.


3) A goal of 100% compliance regardless of individual objection, even for those with health contraindications. (Including those for whom the risk includes fatal allergic reactions?)


What actions should be taken to meet that goal?


4) Widespread, free, easily accessible public information campaigns to provide people who are considering their options with a complete, factual rundown on each vaccine's known effects, possible side-effects, known statistical effectiveness, and comparative effectiveness of natural immunity from overcoming the infection.

Or mandates?
What level of mandates?


Perhaps you agree with making receipt of the vaccine a requirement for employment for some workers,  to be administered by employers via mandatory hiring and firing practices? At which group do you draw the line?


5) Workers who will be working directly with covid patients?


6) Health care workers whose specialization makes high risk patents dependent on their care, regardless of whether they will be working directly with covid patients?


7) All health care workers, regardless of who they will be working with?


8) All health care workers, and also workers in areas of mandatory attendance by any part of the public, like schools, prisons, and court systems?


9) All of the above, and also workers whose job involves regular interaction with the public like childcare, the direct retail sales of goods, home repair or personal services like hair cutting, etc.?


10) All workers, regardless of what their job involves?


11) All workers, regardless of what their job involves, with the additional stipulation that people who are unemployed due to vaccine refusal should be ineligible for public assistance until they comply?

Of course, if this just made a lot of people jobless, but not homeless, how do you elicit compliance then?

Perhaps you agree with making receipt of the vaccine a requirement for residence in some types of environments, to be administered by facility administrators via admission and eviction practices? At which group of people do you draw the line?

12) Medical care facilities that include other residents in the same building, like nursing and group homes?

13) Nonmedical living spaces that include other residents in the same building, like apartment and condo complexes, dormitories, and fraternity or sorority houses?

14) Medical living spaces that do not include other residents in the same building, like individual homes in retirement communities?

15) Nonmedical but still grouped-together living spaces that do not necessarily include other residents in the same building, like trailer parks and gated communities?

16) Individual houses or other residential arrangements on individually owned property?

17) Would you then also accept making receipt of the vaccine a requirement for eligibility for assistance from homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and food banks, to be administered via mandatory denial of service by the volunteers who operate these services? 

18) Mandatory vaccination for all inmates in detention facilities, to be administrated by facility staff by force if necessary.

How about other services? Perhaps there will be people living with family members, who face no hardship from these exclusions. Which of the following would you support to gain their compliance? How about making receipt of the vaccine a requirement for...

19) Eligibility to enter retail establishments where goods and services may be purchased?

20) Eligibility to receive other medical services?

21) Eligibility for vehicle ownership or any public or private transportation services?

22) Eligibility for banking services?

23) Eligibility to travel in or occupy any public space?

24) Would you support an electronic system enforcers could use to verify your neighbor’s vaccine status before permitting entry into, use of, or to verify a right to continued occupation or use of any of the items discussed above that you have decided are acceptable limitations to place on vaccine refusers?

It’s unlikely that vaccine refusers would be able to survive such a system without getting arrested for trying to do ordinary things that are now forbidden to the unvaccinated, but let’s imagine some have. 

First, what so you, the vaccine mandate advocate, think should be done with arrested refusers who have violated statutes limiting their movement, business interactions, and occupation of various spaces within the community?

What should be done with people who manage to live outside of compliance with the strictest of the standards described above, remaining unvaccinated without getting arrested for violation of any of them? Should they be arrested as well?

Second, what should be done with those who are arrested or rounded up for failure to comply?

Should they be

25) Lectured and released?

26) Jailed and vaccinated by force since they are now inmates in the penal system?

27) Subjected to some form of public humiliation as with people on deadbeat parent or sex offender lists, or forced to wear an identifying symbol of their noncompliance?

28) Placed in vaccine refuser camps to isolate them from the compliant public?

29) Placed in refuser camps and forced to work to pay for their keep at these camps?

30) Just rounded up and forcibly vaccinated without incarceration?

31) Simply be executed for noncompliance?

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