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Intactivist links

This list is mostly an effort to consolidate old bookmarks and fix links I'd bookmarked that were broken. It'll be updated as I find new links, or have to fix broken links. Be aware that links to images or videos are probably NSFW, given that this is a discussion involving genitals.

My writing on the topic:


Doctors on Circumcision:

Circumcision as a prophylactic against STIs and cancer
Anatomy and function

When you hear "Male circumcision isn't comparable to female circumcision"

Other Research:

Circumcision and law

Changes in the practice
Follow the money:

For Jewish Readers:
Judaism, the Foreskin and Human Rights.
Israeli Intactivist Groups (Mostly in Hebrew)
Jewish Intactivist Resources and Groups
Jewish Intactivist Families: Jewish Parents' Experiences Keeping their Sons Intact.
The debate on neonatal male circumcision isn't and shouldn't be about women, but here are some links for those who think it should.
Neonatal circumcision vs female circumcision - though comparison should not matter to the discussion on the right or wrong of performing circumcision on infants, here are some links for those who think it should.
On the Good for the goose, good for the gander front, many arguments used to support neonatal circumcision are the same arguments used to support female circumcision

*Note - many of these links I obtained either from this page (huge thanks to Reddit's thrway_1000) or by researching broken/outdated links on it. I've put them here to have them in a place that's easy to find. I will update this page as I run across new links.

**Thanks to Gaius Baltar for the link to the timeline of the medicalization of circumcision

† Thanks to reddit.com's iwasnotshadowbanned for the link on the prevalence of circumcision as a risk factor among Nigerian men.

†† Thanks to reddit.com's adreamtomeat for the first link to Brian D Earp's writing

††† Thanks to Nathan Phillips for the second link to Brian D Earp's writing

†††† Thanks to Black Knight Fool for the link to the video The Penis - Sex education 101

♦ Thanks to Imperfect God Mode for the link to the video The Elephant in the Hospital.

♦ ♦ Thanks to Brian D. Earp (retweeted by @SlyNine1 and @IntactByDefault on twitter) for the link to the article "Circumcised men at twice the risk for cancer-causing HPV, study shows"
° Thanks to @KelbPanthera on twitter for pointing this one out.

♦ ♦ ♦ Thanks to Brian D. Earp for tweeting the link.

¤ Thanks to @Mephitus_Skunk on twitter for the link

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RD said...

This is an excellent set of links, especially for Jews interested in the growing debate over brit milah.

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