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Rape, a dish with no turnips

Is rape as we know it a social construct? 

If so, what does that mean about our legal and social response to it?
Does that make feminism's "rape culture" theory a social construct?
How does that affect the validity of the theory?

1 comment:

Percival said...

Hi Hannah,

Great video. Always a pleasure when you get into linguistic history.

I was wondering whether you have any pointers or resources that you might recommend to me so I can critique my university's recently updated sexual-assault policy; they are
allowing any students, faculty or staff to offer feedback on it anonymously. I doubt my feedback will have any effect, as the authors of the policy are clearly steeped in intersectional-feminist ideology, but I'd like the university to know that someone is deeply concerned about how their plans to create a new office specifically for sexual assault will likely create the familiar serious problems for anyone accused who's innocent.


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