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Charge of the Soggy Knees

This was done in collaboration with Mad man Ministries, who did the music. I wrote the lyrics, and since no other woman we asked was willing to sing, I did that too.
Probably won't do that very much because it's really not my forte... pun intended.

Anyway, the title is The Charge of the Soggy Knees, and here are the lyrics:

There is a thought terminatin’ cliche
They call misogyny
And it’s been the ruin of many a good debate
With the charge of soggy knees

Been called a gender traitor
Just because I’ve said I see
Through feminism's hateful rhetoric
And their claim to speak for me

Didn’t know compassion’s limited
It’s a negative sum game
And you’re not allowed by the social justice crowd
To have sympathy for men

These motherfucking children
Can’t discuss things rationally
Treat care for men as an attack on women
So they cry misogyny

We all will be no platformed
We all will be called names
We’ll be accused of having hateful views
To silence us with shame

There is a thought terminatin’ cliche
They call misogyny
And it’s been the ruin of many a good debate
But that won’t be stopping me

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