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Feminism is misogyny with effective PR

Feminists creatively frame information to infer conditions it does not support to emotionally coerce women into submissive cooperation with being exploited as political fodder. The largely one-sided "discussion" on harassment, partner, and sexual violence taking place under the hashtag #YesAllWomen is an example.

It uses the out-of-context presentation of personal claims by women, many of whom are simply spouting feminist rhetoric about being afraid rather than describing personal experiences, to infer upon society an epidemic of only male on only female harassment and gendered violence. Why out of context? Because in the overall picture doesn't back up the claim.

Harvard Study says 70% of domestic violence committed by women

Relational Aggression is a behavior more often perpetrated by girls than by boys

And we've seen how hard feminists have worked to erase male victims of female sexual violence...

Manufacturing Female Victimhood and Marginalizing Vulnerable Men

Feminists define rape to exclude male victims

Feminist rape culture theory vs men

Even the stats on sexual violence themselves are exaggerated for effect:

On Rape Hysteria

Feminist advocacy research scam

These political ideologues trading in manipulation of human emotion as currency have ordered women to be unnecessarily afraid. They have demanded that we run our personal experiences through a filter of ideology that dehumanizes men and infantilizes women. When faced with women who don't submit to their self-assigned authority, their response is far from empowering.

That presentation of false or falsely framed information to emotionally manipulate women into exhibiting desired behaviors is gender-targeted abuse. It's a blatant display of misogyny within a movement which would deny women's right and ability to think for ourselves.


Anonymous said...

Amen Sistah!

Tundra Woman said...

Keep telling it, Hannah. Maybe if we keep bring Facts to Feminist fiction, eventually, we'll be heard.
It's a worthy cause as well as a reality endeavor-for *all* of us: If you have a son, a brother, a partner (with the "wrong" secondary sexual characteristics) etc. or just happen to be human and living in this world? You don't have to change the world, just inform and engage your little part of it and leave it a more honest place, one of far more integrity than you found it: Before Feminists decided people like Erin Pizzey, the Honey Badgers and AVfM etc. were considered or outright called "Terrorist" groups.
I'm old. I remember. I'm appalled. SHAME ON YOU, "FEMINISTS!"

Dancar said...
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