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Don't let them silence us

Advocates for the human rights of men and boys, somebody wants to silence you.

They want to silence you so badly that they've lied about who you are.

They want to silence you so badly that they've lied about what you do.

They've lied about the goals of men's rights activism.

They've lied about the meaning and impact of our speech.

And now they've resorted to criminal threats of violence, with the intent to make gathering together too expensive for us to achieve.

Let them know that as a group, we are not intimidated, and we're not going to fold over this.

We will not be silenced.

1 comment:

Tundra Woman said...

Threats to the venue, staff and guests (whether attendees or not) are, of course taken seriously.
Don't plan on procuring a Pussy Pass for violent, disruptive behavior. You want "equality" and that is exactly what you can expect in response to your despicable behavior.

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