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Countering the feminist method of "handling" disagreement

Rather than confront, assess, and decide whether to assimilate or reject information they initially don't like, many feminists have a habit of taking the head-in-the-sand approach, and insisting that everyone else must do so along with them.

That's exactly the approach taken to the recent Victor Zen video, The Feminist Deliverer of Diabetes, as explained in

Copyright Strike Response

Now, when it comes to copyright, I'm a supporter of intellectual property rights within the intent of the law. I'm not so keen on the uneven way it gets enforced, but that's a horse of a different color. You create a work of art, write something new, etc., someone else shouldn't just make a copy and profit from that without your consent and you getting credit for your original work, and some share in the profit (or at least consenting to not get paid for the profitable use of your work.)

Critique of a work, however, does fall under the fair use clause, meaning that it's not a violation of your copyright to show your work when one is offering an analysis of it. You cannot effectively offer that critique without referencing the original, and in doing so, showing it. Claiming a violation of one's copyright against a piece created expressly for the purpose of critiquing one's work is not within the letter or intent of copyright law. It's simply a lazy-assed, yellow-bellied cowardly attempt at preventing legitimate criticism of one's work.

As stated in the video at the above link, when you make a vlog, you put yourself out there. People are going to respond to your work, and answer what you put out there. People are going to disagree with you. There is nothing you can do to stop them, even if you sincerely and vehemently believe everything you think and say. Or, as I find myself having to remind feminists on reddit all the time, thinking you're right doesn't make you immune to criticism. 
For some reason, that just doesn't seem to sink in with feminists. Instead of realizing "hey, basing my assertions on emotion and fluff instead of facts and logic has left me open to being caught with my intellectual ass hanging in the wind" they attempt to silence their critics, especially those who make valid points which require the listener or reader to



This bobble-headed femthusiasm cheerleader is apparently no different, since her response to criticism of her statements was to attempt to cover her wind-chapped ass and demonstrate the validity of a men's rights issue by leveling a false accusation of copyright infringement (much in the way a woman whose boyfriend finds out she's cheating on him might level a false accusation of rape against her consensual, illicit sex partner) and as a result, the channel - not just the video, but the channel has been censored so that no video longer than 15 minutes can be uploaded to it.

In the interest of preventing the use of censorship as a substitute for open debate, here's a link to the censored video:

The Feminist Deliverer of Diabetes

I encourage everyone who reads this to pass both of these links on to others, whether you link to this blog post or not.

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