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AVFM Fundraiser

1/4/14 edit:
A huge thank you to everyone who donated to this fundraiser. AVFM is pushing forward into the new year having met their fundraising goals for the quarter. This will be an exciting year, with a new radio system, the first AVFM hosted men's rights conference (may there be many to come), a widening network, and continued journalistic excellence. Thanks everyone who donated, and thanks to everyone for reading, listening, watching, and supporting the site and the activism.  

A Voice For Men is seeking donations to help fund site operations and expansion. There's a host of good reasons to donate explained in this AVFM article about the fundraising effort, including

  • Journalistic and editorial coverage of men's issues.
  • The Voices of Men Network, a new platform by A Voice for Men where you can represent your country as a part of the official AVfM worldwide community.

AVFM has been very helpful in sharing important information I've gathered during the last year. I have several articles published on the site, which allowed the point in those articles to reach a much wider audience than I'd normally reach simply publishing the information myself. The article Feminists define rape to exclude male victims, and the article Abused boys and men: feminism's acceptable losses are two examples. Each contain links to information which is useful in better understanding some of the conditions which cause legal and social discrimination against male victims of intimate partner and sexual violence, especially when the perpetrator is female. 

Funds collected in this drive will go to support these activities and more, fueling acceleration of the MHRM's momentum to continued and potentially greater achievement in 2014. If you can, please consider supporting A Voice For Men's continued activism, journalism, and unifying efforts with a donation.

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