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Interesting reply from Sharrod Brown (TBC)

Dear Mrs. XXXX:
Thank you for getting in touch with my office in the United States Senate. I appreciate hearing from my constituents.  
I have passed your concerns along to the legislative assistant in my office who monitors judicial issues. I will keep your thoughts in mind. If you require any other assistance, please call my office at 202-224-2315. Thank you again for being in touch with me.

This must be in reply to my reply to the standard letter I got back from Sen. Brown in response to my letter regarding VAWA, as I noted in my reply to that standard letter that it didn't address anything I'd written in my letter.

I think that in the future, a phone call will be in order, but not until I get an answer back on a Freedom Of Information Act Request I've made (details forthcoming when I have more of an idea whether it's just taking extra time due to the nature of my request, or whether I'm being given the runaround by the agency I've contacted.) The information I've requested is related to the discussion, and if I can get that prior to making the call it will be very helpful in making some of the points I need to make.

The bottom line: At this time, the saga of Gloria Sass and the Chamber of Senate stands at the status of To Be Continued.

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