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For the record

Note to readers visiting from the link in the comment section of Manboobz: You may find this relevant.

I've been noticing it for a while... talking about it for a while, and replying as best I can when it happens; an influx of feminist posters, commenters, and voters in reddit's /r/mensrights. I've seen that other MRAs have started to notice it, too, so I decided to do a search in the sub using the word feminist, and highlight some of the posts which either were troll posts, or included a lot of feminist trolling.

Read: that means if your post is included in this list, that doesn't necessarily mean I think you are a troll. Before anyone gets hurt feelings, look through not just the post itself, but the comments underneath, or look through the list to see if your post (or the comment response) is part of a pattern I'm noting. I've tagged some posts to make it easier to see, but I don't have time to go through and tag everything.   
There are several, including (but not limited to)

  • "Feminism is your friend. You just don't understand." (Can't we all just get along?)
  • "Not All Feminists Are Like That" (NAFALT)
  • Tone policing, including "don't criticize feminism," "you sound whiny," "you sound misogynistic," etc.
  • "You're not good enough" (You're not doing anything. You're not helping group X. You're not talking about topic Y.)
  • Attempts to sneak feminist rhetoric into the sub
  • Divide and Conquer - attempts to create animosity or other conflict between /r/mensrights and other groups, or deny that the men's rights movement includes groups that are included in the movement (like gay men's rights, or trans rights.)
  • Fishing - posting something inflammatory or carefully worded to create an emotional response in order to facilitate quote mining.

That also means that if there's a lot of feminist support in the comments, that doesn't necessarily mean I don't think the post is a troll post, either - it may well be. Rather than placing a label, I'm simply tracking patterns.  
This post is not intended to call any specific redditor out (though if I have someone tagged as SRS or AMR, that's not getting removed from your name when I post it here.) Nor is it complete. There are posts I remember responding to in the past that I did not find using this method, so this entry will be periodically updated as I am able to go back and find those, as well. I have seen 2 to 4 a month up until the last few weeks, when there has been a dramatic increase, as far as I can tell.  
If you see posts you think belong here, PM me on reddit or leave a comment here, and I'll update. 

*note - I've recently added links to several self-posts which are all variations on asking if the MRM supports gay rights, or claiming it doesn't and asking why. If you see your post here, it doesn't mean I'm calling your post a troll post. It is simply that we're seeing the same self-posts over and over on this topic, with small variation, and that's a pattern.

Why is feminism discussed so much on this subreddit? (self.MensRights)
submitted by futfootballer  /u/AMRthroaway linked to AMR

i don't understand (self.MensRights)
submitted 21 Apr 2014 by aerxo17

So, I've been calling feminist groups in Canada about my effort to open more men's shelters, and have been pleasantly surprised. (self.MensRights)
submitted 19 Apr 2014 by William_Red
/r/againstmensrights vote manipulation used to boost feminist-friendly comments to top of thread

An example of feminism done right. (self.MensRights)
submitted by Broken_Castle 

Are men's rights in the US really being impinged upon? How? (self.MensRights)
submitted 17 Apr 2014 by MyUnpopularThoughts

submitted by Zacky007

submitted by DemonicHeartYeah, no.
Privilege as a cattle prod

(51|29) submitted by dullboy9000
(92|28) submitted 08 Apr 2014 by adevil

(8|6) submitted 08 Apr 2014* by SemperFlea
(Visits MR subreddit, totally misses the fact that many MRAs ARE women)

(51|21) submitted by OttersAreSuperCool
submitted by Kuramo

submitted 03 Apr 2014 by jcoe-in which wreckedsomething admits, in a roundabout way, to regularly violating reddit's rules on vote-manipulation.
This comment amounts to the claim that linking to a comment in a thread equals vote brigading, 

It also comes from someone who regularly links to /r/mensrights.
Now, one can reasonably argue that linking to a comment does not constitute brigading, especially when the link is an np (nonparticipation) link. However, one can't so reasonably argue that one who says that linking to a comment is done for the purpose of brigading is innocent of attempting to brigade when linking to a comment.

What does being a male rights activist mean to you? (self.MensRights)
submitted by appleeyed

(3|8) submitted by Prankster_Bob

submitted by OMoraine

submitted  by rocelot7

submitted  by nonhiphipster

submitted  by Mohaan

(43|32) submitted by Mouon

submitted by Winter_of_Discontent

(7|5) submitted by murtaza64

submitted by typhonblue 

(40|14) submitted 13 Feb 2014 by RelentlesslyDead
Not calling this a troll post by any means, but part of a pattern. I have noticed that periodically, there's a post like this with a lot of replies from names I don't see a lot in the sub.

(50|37) submitted 13 Feb 2014 by XisanXbeforeitsakiss
This is not a troll post, but it links to a post that goes along with a pattern I've seen with young accounts claiming to have visited /r/mensrights, read unspecified posts, and come to the conclusion that the sub and sometimes the movement is anti-some factor, usually something it's politically incorrect to oppose or criticize. When called the anti-factor claim, they offer replies that boil down to "you disagreed with something I or someone else said that I or they linked to (whatever the factor was) and therefore you're anti-(that factor.) Following an original post along the lines of "I had subjective experience X as a factor-1 person, therefore conclusion," MRAs may argue that the experience is subjective, that factor-1 doesn't make the experience applicable to everyone, or that the conclusion is based on some other flawed thinking. That is cited by anyone supporting the poster's stated conclusion as an indication that the sub is anti-factor-1, not because it's an indication of such, but because that's easier to do than make arguments supporting the conclusion. I've seen being gay or female as the factor a lot, but the trend lately seems to be using "I'm transgender" instead.

submitted  by lolbye2
(1|8) submitted  by jcoe

submitted  by throwaway41823

submitted by lolbye1

submitted  by Vladith

submitted  by smariroach

 submitted  by Dexter77

submitted  by [gutless snot who deleted their account almost immediately]

submitted  by guywithaccount

submitted  by transsisterradio

submitted  by gblr

submitted 29 Dec 2013 by Apemazzle

submitted 29 Dec 2013 ago by slu-g

submitted by stillissitting

A letter to the men's rights movement (dearnonacepeople.tumblr.com)
submitted ago by ezra811

submitted by summersanne
The short version: "I'm a trans-woman who entered life as a woman carrying a belief in the concept of male privilege, and have interpreted all of my experiences as confirmation of it. Since I'm trans, you now have to believe in male privilege."

Bonus: Brigaded by /r/againstmensrights.

submitted 18 Dec 13 by [deleted]
(OP didn't even stick around for a day.)

Why did sillymod remove the Occidental College post?" Let me tell you why. (self.MensRights)
submitted 17 Dec 13 by sillymod
Vote and comment brigaded by SRS, AMR, and SRD
Also, I was able to get an interesting result by engaging AMR trolls in discussion under the post.

submitted by infinette

submitted by relaxandenjoy

submitted by NickAckerman

submitted ago by buddyloveshispie

submitted  by 11thGRADEteacher

submitted by WheyDaBusAt

submitted  by Titsout4theboiz

(6|11) submitted by IjustcametosayAnyang
Divide and Conquer

submitted  by Horrorbuff2
Divide and Conquer

submitted by deathbutton1

submitted ago by zwirlo
submitted  by a_personification

submitted 15 Nov 2013* by Ultraoctopus

submitted 04 Nov 2013 by macnalley

submitted by perfectdesignNot a troll post, but the post itself was trolled in the comments.

submitted 22 Oct 2013 by nocbl2

submitted  by Smallpaul

submitted 10 Oct 2013 by thighproblem

submitted by NeonPiggy

submitted by ZerowithanH

(2|3) submitted by hhoburg

(109|30) submitted by onetenth

(11|9) submitted  by WheyDaBusAt

(8|10) submitted by Mishap89

submitted  by Anonaux

submitted 19 Sept 2013 by seego79

submitted 17 Sept 2013 by stageflight

submitted on by __banana
I'm not ready to say "pattern" after just 2 "let's associate MR with TRP posts, but still...
Divide and Conquer

submitted by didosrevenge

Hi. People on this site seem to talk about feminists a lot, but..
submitted on by Kate150

submitted 22 Aug 2013 by PinkiePo

A little confusion maybe you can clear up? (self.MensRights)
submitted  by punxpunx54"I've seen the term "red pill" thrown around here. Does this refer to the subreddit, or is it referring to the phrase as an alternative to "having my eyes opened"?
What are the general thoughts about the sub TRP and the manhood academy?"

submitted 06 Aug 2013 by recentlyunearthed

submitted 4 August 2013 by No_Fudge

Infographic: 40% of rapists are female (i.imgur.com)
 submitted submitted on by Frankly_No

submitted by CosmicKeys
This is not a spam or troll post, but instead describes brigading that has happened in relation to discussion on the Anita Sarkeesian videos.

submitted by 6aerataob
Tone Policing, Divide and Conquer 

submitted by KGBway

 Brigaded, Tone Policing

submitted by HappyGerbil88
Tone Policing: Attempts to use term "Misogynistic" in describing men's rights blogs to poison MRAs against outspoken Men's rights bloggers. 

(103|41) submitted by Little_maroon_alien

submitted by MrScolex

submitted by indigotrip

(15|20) submitted by bubbleearth

submitted  the_shakeweight

(11|8) submitted  by MaunderingMoose

submitted by Camerinthus

(7|3) submitted by turiyag

submitted by ddxxdd

submitted by mramrs

submitted by mehjbmeh

submitted by videoninja

submitted by fecal_encephalopathy
Tone Policing, NAFALT

submitted  by HalfysReddit

submitted by DaNiceguy
Heavily Brigaded.

submitted by royzin

submitted 29 Apr 2013 by lost-and-confused-

submitted  by GanbatteSisyphus

submitted by Tsaxmafia

   submitted  cypherdtraitor
NAFALT, but guys, it's a graphic so believe it! 

submitted 20 Apr 2013 by Typicaledgyname
Day old account, depressing message, maybe not a troll, but it sure looks like one.

(2|5) submitted by ga13be

submitted by mattblau

submitted by DerFisher
(Originally linked from /r/mensrights. Post removed by OP, who didn't like responses to it.)

(7|5) submitted  by GregoryPanic
Not a troll or brigade - just shows that there are MRAs who do not know everything feminism has done.

submitted 13 Apr 2013 by Kingle0nidas

submitted by memymineown
OP is longstanding MRA, but post invaded by trolls due to subject matter.

(3|4) submitted  by NEET_Here

submitted by feminazi_ftw

submitted by vaselinepete

submitted on by nobodysothername
(wonder why a sub where gay rights does get discussed keeps getting asked if gay rights are part of the discussion?)
submitted 27 Mar 2013 by WikipediaBrown

submitted on by yourblacksister

(23|24) submitted on by nutflushdraw
This one is pretty ridiculous, apparently posted just to give SRSers a place to circlejerk in the sub. Regularly posting MRAs are downvoted into hiding, while the top voted comment is a blatantly feminist viewpoint not actually related to the sub or the movement. Not even sure what kind of an effect they thought this effort would achieve.

submitted by sherylintexas

submitted by HalfysReddit

(93|46) submitted on by smallsmerry01

submitted by NemosHero
submitted  by bravestlittletoaster

(690|143)submitted by icamefromtumblr

(656|133) submitted by SUPERSMILEYMAN
This is not an MR regular. The wording of the post itself is rather fake - it's like a parody of "women behaving badly" posts, intended to set off comments. I think this one is trolling with intent to inspire speech which can be labeled "hate speech."

(128|21) submitted by gingerninjer2
I very strongly suspect this of being designed to get people's facebook profile information.

(3|1) submitted  by ElfmanLV

(46|19) submitted by eosri1

(327|94) submitted  by MercedezBento

(3|8) submitted by goddessworshipper

(3|0) submitted  by kwyjibo1230

submitted  by somethingofdoom

(9|13) submitted by XWindX

(13|0) submitted by They_Killed_Kenny

(12|10) submitted  by occupythekitchen

(28|17) submitted 02 Feb 2013 by viganhe005

(87|65 ago by ezra_epwell

submitted 26 Jan 2013 by T-rex_with_a_gun

submitted  ago by ExiledSenpai

submitted  by FEMANON_HERE
This thread is a response to the one listed below, contains vote brigading and a shitload of feminist apologists.

submitted  by DougDante This thread contains vote brigading and feminist apologists.

(4|2) submitted by SpaghettiLeftovers
(5|3) submitted  by morty369
      (Why can't we all just get along?)   (Again)

submitted  by kelloo
Post highlights the fraud behind Rosie the riveter poster. Issue is obvious - Rosie wasn't up to "equal work."
Immediately garnered "this is not a men's rights issue" and a brigade.

(11|8) submitted  by arrace415
Essentially, "I'm a feminist... please stop posting the Kanin study. I believe it's invalid because it used methodology similar to that used by feminists (small sample size), because Kanin was ethical, because it's based on women admitting that they lied, because polygraphs were used. The bottom line - (aside from the polygraph bit, which I can buy, but which doesn't carry the argument by itself) still the same old feminist crap about considering a rape accusation true if it isn't proved false, or guilty until proven innocent. Further, arrace415 asserts that a rape report is not an accusation, and that the accused isn't harmed by the report - a statement that assumes that every false report never gets past the paper stage, as if the accuser never says anything outside of the report itself. This completely ignores the effects caused by leveling such a serious charge. Conclusion: Troll trying to stop a useful argument from being circulated.

(1|2) submitted 02 Jan 2013 by curlymeatball38

As a feminist, thank you r/MensRights. (self.MensRights)
(106|49) submitted 01 Jan 2013 by HereToHumilateAFrand

submitted 01 Jan 2013 by thefran
 - heavily concern trolled by feminists  

Can We Try To Focus on Men's Rights, not "I Hate Feminists!" jokes? (self.MensRights)
(1649|610) submitted 30 Dec 2012 by absolutekraze

(25|11) submitted 29 Dec 2012 by Fisto27

(15|12) submitted by JaguscothSRS

7 Tactics Used by Academic Feminists To Suppress Information (self.MensRights)
(624|169) submitted by actanonverba8 

Why Feminism will always be the enemy (self.MensRights)(90|74) submitted by DavidByron
(comment section)Where Girlwriteswhat gets downvote brigaded by /r/againstmensrights for asserting that effective birth control is better than ineffective birth control

(17|14) submitted  by prettylittledaggers 

Something i think we all should read because i feel this means that our two groups are able able to reach a common ground.(MRAs and Feminists) Xpost to /r/Feminism (chicagonow.com)
(256|72) submitted  by Inbefore121

Men's Rights vs. Feminism vs. Egalitarianism (self.MensRights)
(17|14) submitted 24 Dec 2012 by DJ_Fleetwood_MacBook

what do you look for in a partner? (self.MensRights)
(8|4) submitted 22 Dec 2012 by hentaipolice 

(41|38) submitted 20 Dec 2012 by jawndisease

(40|28) submitted by ArchangelleFascist

(11|18) submitted by pretzelzetzel

(26|22)submitted by Jernlov

I'm both a feminist and a MRA. (self.MensRights)
(111|68) submitted by TheCameraLady

A question from an outsider. (self.MensRights)
(20|16) submitted by carpetpowder

Why do we have Men's Rights and Feminist Groups? Why not Gender Equality groups? (self.MensRights (8|11) submitted  by Skwalin 

A discussion on the word feminism. (self.MensRights)
(5|5) submitted  by ottawadeveloper 

 (7|10) submitted 04 Dec 2012 by Skwalin 

After just finding this sub a few days ago, I have some things I feel that I need to say, and would really love all your feedback. (self.MensRights)
(8|10) submitted  by duck97 

Well this is new. A feminist forum bringing awareness of men's rights issues, but still calling it feminism.(i.imgur.com)
(301|52) submitted  by idontgiveitout
Not a troll post, but feminists converged on it to try to out-shout MRAs.

I'm a little confused (self.MensRights) 
(32|10) submitted  by Tatshua 

submitted 28 Nov 2013 by 11thGRADEteacherFishing
I could be wrong, and this could just be a badly concluded paper, but the presentation of it here in this manner makes this post look to me like a quote-mining effort instead of a genuine attempt to get a paper graded, as it would provide a quote-miner with the ability to refer back to it later and twist people's comments into "MRAs support refusing to prosecute anyone accused of acquaintance rape," which will in turn be stretched to mean "MRAs support rape."

What do you people actually believe? (self.MensRights)
(20|21) submitted 19 Nov 2012 by jonahofscott 

Why is Men's Rights so anti-women/anti-feminist? (self.MensRights)
(9|18) submitted  by DerpinaTheThird 
    See also this post

(124|40) submitted  by femquestionthr 

(69|31) submitted  by Thermodynamo 

(269|55) submitted 03 Oct 2012 by deerp 
(8|10) submitted  by MRdaBakkle

(14|15) submitted  by ADevilNamedBen

Do you think Feminists can ever get along with MRA's? (self.MensRights)(16|9) submitted  by Species_0002

(41|33) submitted 22 Aug 2012 by toptrool

MR, what's your biggest "feminist" belief, or opinion that wouldn't mesh well with other MRA's? (self.MensRights)
(31|15) submitted 16 Aug 2012 by 12431 

I'm an aspiring equity feminist and I have some questions for you. (self.MensRights)(28|27) submitted  by PurpleVNeck

Female with a question about alliance-building around gender equality (self.MensRights)
submitted 01 Aug 2012 by tmesispieces 

(39|11) submitted 8 Jul 2012 by MrShenanigans

Feminists converged on this post to play victim Olympics over circumcision:  
 (661|186) submitted 14 Jun 2012 by shmittywerber 

(12|14) submitted 08 Jun 2012 by trombodachi 

(50|22) submitted 29 May 2012 by glass_hedgehog  

Not a troll post, but this one has been concern tolled by feminists

Isn't this subreddit getting kind of biased? (self.MensRights)
(13|23) submitted 23 May 2012 by FF15 

A quick word on feminists (self.MensRights)
(35|9) submitted 01 May 2012 by nlakes
 Appeal for more diplomatic feminist labels in discussion.
Why are we talking about (radical) feminists? (self.MensRights)(58|21) submitted 14 Apr 2012 by Police_Murdering_Us

(35|37) submitted 11 Apr 2012* by muckette

Do you hate Feminists? (self.MensRights)
 (24|29) submitted 31 Mar 2012* by Fluffy_Fsh 

(38|17) submitted 31 Mar 2012* by radiojojo

I'm new to Men's Rights and I am a feminist. Now that we have that out of the way, I want to let you know that I (and I believe most feminists my age) agree with the basic tenets of MRAs, if not the language and attitude of it.

(34|19) submitted 30 Mar 2012 ago by kratistos 

This subreddit needs to shake off its anti-women reputation for the sake of these issues being taken seriously. (self.MensRights)
(574|233) submitted 04 Mar 2012 by steam-pug 

(34|19) submitted 10 Feb 2012* by newsgentry 

I support complete gender equality, but the attitude towards feminism here is a bit disappointing... (self.MensRights)
(25|27) submitted 05 Jan 2012* by hippiechan

A suggestion for MensRights to maybe help the dialogue. (self.MensRights)
(13|14) submitted  by dangerousbirde 

Feminists for men's rights (self.MensRights)
(13|18) submitted * by feminazibitchyoumad 

So are gay men's rights somehow less important than straight men's rights? (self.MensRights)
(22|23) submitted  by rabbaroo

(332|113) submitted  by iamunstrung

(44|38) submitted  * by conn1e

I'm sorry, but I just had to say something. I'm sick of all these threads complaining about 'stupid feminist' and 'feminazis' and whatever other derogatory crap you want to throw at women who believe in equality for them.
I love this forum, it's great, men get kicked around some times too. This should be fought for too. But don't sink to the same low as these women who think they're feminists, but arn't, and slander men.
A true feminist just wants a fair go, she wants to work as hard as you (at WHATEVER, except maybe something like sport that is just genuinely unfair due to anatomy). This includes working when she's got her period, or pregnant. She's not a princess bitching about how men don't kiss her feet.
Don't slander feminists, they're supporting you. We can't be equal if men aren't.
Edit: Um wow. This is exactly what I needed to understand. I was angry because I lacked insight, into men's AND women's rights. I don't have the sheer power to reply to you all but once again, thankyou. I feel a bit emotional. I think I need to do a bit of reflection.
TL;DR, I am equalitarian. :)

Preparing for massive downvotes, but would like to share my opinion (self.MensRights)
(702|412) submitted  * by joannchilada
I know many MR readers *really* don't like feminists, but I thought this was an interesting study (self.MensRights)(5|9) submitted * by a_curious_koala

A question from an employee of a "feminist" non-profit (self.MensRights)
(10|3) submitted by GoingTo

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