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After months of David Futrelle producing and promoting inflammatory false frames and lies about the men's rights movement, A Voice For Men in particular, the publication's writers and editorial staff as a group, and each of us personally, Jack Barnes's 6 year old kid was doxed and slyly threatened "I would hate for something to happen" style in Futrelle's name, presumably by a reader inspired by Futrelle's work.

As a father reacting to a stated threat against his child, Jack made a conditional statement - one that several times contained "If" in it, along with the statement that he hopes and prays never to have cause to back it up. If something happens to Jack's family. If his family is harmed. If he has to bury his wife and kid because Futrelle's intentional shit-stirring has riled up a psycho. It's pretty clear how Jack has been affected by recent events; a person who contacted him in Futrelle's name has given him reason to fear for the safety of his family.

Feminists have a habit of phrasing their complaints to paint fathers as uninvolved, callous deadbeats who take no interest in their children's welfare or experiences. Seeing a father's protective instinct laid bare ought to pleasantly surprise those who expect indifference in its place. That's the role they demanded he and all other fathers fill.

Male feminism's white knights especially ought to be able to empathize with a man's need to express that instinct, as they lay claim to it daily. One would think male feminists, of all people, would get that sounding off like this might be an expected response when a father sees his child threatened. One might even expect a male feminist to feel embarrassed at being associated with the threat that elicited Jack's response.

So how has David Futrelle answered?

Not by stating that he discourages this type of behavior in his readers.
Not by assuring that is readers won't attack Jack's family.
Not by promising to write a post admonishing his readers to refrain from engaging in violence against their political opponents.
Not even by sympathizing with a father's concern for his family's safety... but instead by confirming that concern, by treating those statements - which include "this is not a threat," as threats of planned actions, not conditional, but direct.

There's only two logical possibilities left, now that Futrelle has made this response. He can admit that his answer was a completely irrational overreaction to being held responsible for the effects of his dishonest shit stirring on his followers, and backpedal to a more rational (or at least rational sounding) response... or he can admit what his current response indicates; that he intends for harm to come Jack's family as a result of his shit stirring, that he DOES encourage his readers to engage in this type of behavior, and that he DOES intend for one or more of his readers to respond to his writing by engaging in violence against HIS political opponents.

After all, "If X, then Y" only infers Y on the condition of X... so responding to "If you X, then I'll Y" as if the individual has only stated "I'm going to Y" is an admission that you've planned on X happening. And Futrelle's apparent plan X seems pretty cowardly if you ask me.

It's getting old, watching sick fucks like Futrelle take cheap shots at political activists from behind followers who are little more than useful idiots. Futrelle's knowingly dishonest, falsely framed and deliberately inflammatory style
(See the post under the video here: http://honeybadgerbrigade.com/video/cassie-jay-everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-red-pill-documentary-film/),
is designed to stir up exactly the kind of nutjob who would dox and threaten a child to punish her parent for his political activism.

The behavior is textbook "queen bee" style relational aggression taken to the next level. It consists of falsely framing selectively presented information and using rhetological fallacies to create an impression the information does not actually support, all to manipulate the reader both intellectually and emotionally. Futrelle's spin on it is doing so in such a way as to be excessively inflammatory, and it does exactly that. The threat narrative ( https://youtu.be/Uy3SKPWjWeM?list=PLJOWMtQBIv1sFM-u8FIKZxK0_AkoBzeCV ) built by Futrelle's writing has resulted in a pattern of behavior among his faithful that would be called stalking or targeted harassment if MRAs or even just guys in general did it to feminist women. Futrelle's followers do it to MRAs of both sexes... then try to play victim when it results in criticism they're not willing to weather.

Several of them have obsessively pursued AVFM's writers and other staff with defamatory assertions and insinuations, inserting themselves into discussions that do not involve them, making the discussions about themselves and Futrelle, then making harassment accusations when they don't like the answers they receive. These nutjobs actually once tried to push a man to commit suicide by starvation because they were angry that he was asking that Canadian law be enforced equally with respect to both sexes.

When Thunderf00t responded to Laughing Witch's letter writing campaign by signal boosting her own release of her own information and it had negative results for her, SJWs came out of the woodwork to condemn him as if he'd doxed her and sicced the internet on her, portraying the "fire Thunderf00t for disagreeing with me on the internet" campaigner as a victim because shit she threw into the wind blew back and hit her in the face. A massive hand wringing lament went up because Laughing Witch claimed without proof that people she was responsible for would be indirectly affected by the blowback.

Now, Futrelle's dishonest, deliberately inflammatory shit-stirring has inspired one of his head-fucked followers to directly dox and directly threaten the six-year-old child of one of his political opponents... not in response to an attack but over nothing more than disagreement about political ideology.

How does Futrelle respond? Calling off the dogs? Posting a call to be better than that? Admonishing his readers to not destroy their credibility by taking actions that make them the "bad guys," as MRAs are expected to do when so accused?

Haha, nope!

Futrelle has instead mounted his high horse, feigned detachment despite his own dishonesty being the first domino in the chain, and is now seeking a means to make HIMSELF out as the victim of doxing and threats targeting a 6 year old girl.

He uses the word "escalate" to describe Jack's conditional statement. He ignores the fact that targeting Jack's family IS escalation. He assumes that the reason his own family has never been so targeted is because his favorite writing subjects couldn't get that information, rather than the simple fact that we don't work that way. Futrelle doesn't know the difference between his high horse and moral high ground. His ability to make that mistake with near impunity relies on his choice to target only people who do know the difference, and who don't do the same things to him that he does to others.

Way to go, David, you prevaricating, skanky-assed dolt-hustler. You just demonstrated with your own occupancy of it that there is a lower place to sink in the name of gender issues debate than I believed actually existed.

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