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Toxic feminism

Toxic masculinity is a buzzword created by feminists to facilitate blaming men for the external pressures to which they are subjected, most often by the very systems and social attitudes that feminists themselves support and exploit. Its definition falsely represents genderless dysfunction like insecurity, violence and prejudices as gender specific behavior.

Responding to men's advocates discussing men's issues by deflecting to "toxic masculinity" is not an offer of information or effort to find a solution. It's a form of reductionism feminists employ to excuse marginalizing men in favor of promoting feminist ideology.

They seem to believe that belching, "toxic masculinity!" into men's issues discussion is enough to justify their male-bashing rhetoric and hide the relationship between feminist lobbying, propaganda, and other agitation, and the continuation of oppressive discrimination against men into the 21st century.

It really doesn't, and that is one of the more obvious reasons why so many people of both sexes are rejecting the label "feminist" as a name associated with hating men.

If feminists ever want to persuade intellectuals to accept the claim that feminism is not primarily about hating men they must first stop targeting men and boys with such dehumanizing labels.

1 comment:

St. Estephe said...

Literally toxic sometimes. Our wonderful universities with their CORRECT view of history have succeeded magnificently in inculcating mass amnesia.

Here's the latest example on my radar screen. Literal "toxic femininity" not to be discussed accurately in "polite" (PC) company:

Mary Ann Cotton WAS NOT Britain’s First Female Serial Killer

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