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True colors

Does this picture look like hate speech to you?

It was flagged as a violation of facebook's community standards. Facebook took the image down and suspended A Voice For Men's account while investigating, then eventually restored everything, but the fact remains that someone on facebook flagged an image advertising a rally for men and boys in crisis as offensive.

Think about that for a moment.

Somewhere in the ideology this person has espoused is such deep hatred for the male half of the human race that the idea of helping those among them who are facing crisis was intolerable. In other words, someone found something about advocating for men and boys offensive. It's hard to tell exactly what it would be. There's nothing on that image to which one could legitimately object.

Maybe she is in favor of discrimination as long as men and boys are the victims. Maybe she prefers to see them suffer. Maybe the offensive part was the line, "Men's rights are human rights," because she doesn't consider men human. Or maybe it is simply that she is offended that anyone would acknowledge men and boys at all.

Whatever the reason, taking such offense shows a sick level of spiteful bigotry. Reporting it as hate really is nothing but projection by the "offended" party.

But of course, misandry doesn't real, right?

I guess we all must be imagining shit like this.

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