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Debut of honey badger radio


One correction to this - the ad says 7PM central. The show actually begins at 8PM central.

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RD said...

Let me take this opportunity to praise you for being the smartest and most legally knowledgeable of all the anti-feminists I have encountered. I am not an MRA, but a child of the cold war. The similarities between communism and radfem are blatant. Communism criminalises the desire to own property; radfem denigrates heterosexual desire and marriage, and the desire to have progeny. To achieve their goals, both would require giving the state tyrannical power over economic and family life.

I was a university student in the morning of radfem, the 1960s and 70s. I now see the writings of Robin Morgan, Andrea Dworkin, Catherine MacKinnon, Marilyn French, Valerie Solanas, Kate Millet etc. as a vast attempt by women to acquire sympathy, political power and financial resources, and to define women as a per se victim class.

I have had personal difficulties with Family Court, social workers, and marriage counselors, stemming from me and my family being victims of violence perpetrated by women. I concluded some years ago that the caring professions are held in thrall by the Duluth Model, and that the victims of female violence but battle alone, and receive no sympathy.

There is a woman who warned me in the 1980s of the growing tendency by educated baby boom women to employ smug and triumphalist misandrist language, filled with a sense of entitlement and victimhood: my own mother. Back then, I smiled at her and changed the subject. I now see that she had a very good point.

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