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Dear Princess Butthurt of Femitopia

...they never gave up on me...

That's the point - these organizations continue to support accusers even after being presented with conclusive evidence that the accusations are, in fact, false. Under the Violence Against Women Act's guidelines, it is virtually impossible to obtain an acquittal for a male defendant in a domestic abuse case, as these cases are heard on a guilty-until-proven-innocent standard. In order to do so, one must have concrete, irrefutable evidence against the accusations involved, such as a demonstrable alibi proving his absence from the location of the alleged incident. In order to do so repeatedly, one must maintain constant, vigilant documentation of one's whereabouts and activities. For a case to continue over a period of years, with repeated accusations found meritless due to that level of documentation, supporters of the accuser must be willing to ignore her lack of credibility, and to accept the act of attempting to obtain a domestic abuse conviction against an innocent defendant.

That these agencies and the advocates associated with them are willing to support female false accusers even after seeing concrete evidence that their case has no merit is reprehensible, and a clear demonstration of the anti-male sexism inherent in the system.

Here, we have a clear example of the type of person being supported in such cases; an individual so obsessed with her perceived enemies that she has has spent over a year stalking one of her opponent's witnesses, and petitioned organizations to assist her in silencing speech which she does not approve, even when she is not a direct target.

My answer?

Tough shit, Princess Butthurt of Femitopia. Your delicate sensibilities are not my problem.

If your advocacy cannot hold up against criticism from an obscure Google blogger, you might want to consider the fact that your position is unsupported by reality. Beyond that, if you're so obsessed that you find yourself stalking an individual to the point of inviting others into your personal vendetta, I suggest discussing your obsession with a shrink, pronto. Such behavior is not the product of a healthy mind.

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